Let’s work together.

There are a few ways we can work together to increase your productivity and grow your business, and the good news is they are all based on my “Crush the Rush” method. 

After working in the corporate world for almost 20 years, there was one thing that they always called my team to do. Solve the most complex problems that didn’t fit the “mold”. What I learned was while the problems were all different I was fixing 95% of them the same way by putting together a system of structure and visibility. The outcome is a process you can apply to anything! Personal, business, or both!


The Collective Mastermind

An exclusive personalized group mastermind to help you fast track your success inside a powerhouse community. The Collective is my 6-month signature coaching program.  We focus on motivation, personal development, accountability, and strategy. We thrive on working together to help each of us reach our individual goals.

This community was built intentionally with all the tools you need in order to thrive, including direct contact with me, my team, and even an offsite retreat. So you can continue to grow as a woman and a business owner.



This intensive is perfect for when you want clarity and direction in one specific area of your business. (In-person and virtual options available now with full or mini CEO Day options).

You will leave with a customized roadmap of what you need to move forward and the toolkit and plan to do so. Topics are customized; Examples include launch planning, strategic roadmap planning, niche and social media support, email funnel setup, etc. 


  • Pre-session survey and intro call (so we know what to focus on)
  • OPTION 1: Full-day session in Columbus, Oh (or virtual sessions) up to 6 hours  
  • OPTION 2: Half-day session (2 hours in-person or 90-minute virtual session) 
  • CEO worthy lunch on us! (for full-day)
  • Choose from the following CEO Day Topics: 
    • Define your Signature Method and Business Strategy
    • Plan your Product Suite or Launch
    • Marketing and Content Planning
    • Organize your Systems (content repurpose plan, press, marketing plan, email funnels + more)
    • Create your Quarterly Plan (what to focus on with the biggest impact)
  • Up to 30-day Voxer (voice and text) support post-session 

Time is of the essence. You want personalized support without any of the fluff. We created a 1:1 intensive designed to go deep. It includes everything you need and nothing you don't. 


Crush the Rush Club

The Crush the Rush Club is a curated monthly membership that teaches you the activities to bring revenue into your business and then combines in-person strategy and accountability.  We're merging all things productivity with a proven strategic process to help you stop wasting time and chasing your next client to pay your bills. Let's make more of an impact in less time. Sound good?


  • Monthly business and productivity workshops 
  • 2 X month LIVE calls with Holly (to hold you accountable)
  • Private community to ask questions and interact with other business owners
  • Weekly high-level action items (emailed to you every Wednesday) to make sure you see results
  • Monday morning motivational texts and more....


If you are more a DIY type of gal, then I have you covered. All of my courses include the "Crush the Rush" methodology with built-in accountability check-ins to make sure this doesn't just sit in your inbox. Grab my business strategy, social media courses, and templates here, and save yourself hours of spinning your wheels in frustration. Including my FREE business starter kit. 


"I am in awe of what I have learned and accomplished in just a few short months. I would tell this to anyone but join now. Take the leap. This community has pushed me in ways I never imagined. "

Jenny @jzook1

"While I worked with Holly and the mastermind, she helped me in so many ways, but one of the most transformative is that she helped me shift my mindset to think bigger, but then also gave me the tools - like with building a roadmap, niching down, messaging my offer - to help me get there. It's one thing for someone to help you flesh out what you're thinking. It's another for someone to coach you through this with specific ideas and strategies to help you get there. This really is Holly's secret talent. You present her with a seed and you walk out having planted a whole garden. "

Nina @ nina_d_gibson

"I decided to work with Holly because I knew the tools. I knew things. I needed the push. And the backend of social media and strategy was something that I didn't have time to figure out. Seeing it in action and seeing it done where I could ask questions was the next level."

Kiley @kileylizp

"Wow. I am amazed at the number of resources and content you provide. I love the fact that I can review them and take them step by step to set myself up for success with your accountability to support. Everything just started to flow together. "

Amy @thesmilehive

"I feel so much more confident in my ability to run my business. Our intensive was so good to help push me to start moving and help me define the direction I want to go. "

Christa @sweetsbychrista

"By far the best system I have ever used. Holly (and the Crush the Rush method) takes the guesswork out of everything and helps you find a better, more productive, way."

Sierra @thehomemadecreative

"While I worked with Holly and the mastermind, it helped me to focus on two things: 1) my niche and 2) selecting strategies that fit within my already busy schedule. For example, she helped me plan my first launch over the course of a few office hours. Because of the constraints on my schedule, she guided me with regards to the top 3 things I needed to do for this first launch. By keeping the first launch simple, I am going into it excited rather than nervous, and with the tools I need to improve every launch in the future."

Jamie @jamie_m_satter

"While working with Holly she helped me with several things. The first is creating a truly holistic business model - from media, funnels, email marketing, and branding. I feel super excited to see the potential of my side-hustle grow. Holly helped me break down big goals and take smaller steps to get there. I implemented my group program and was super proud. I could not have executed this without her helping me plan. "

Brit @bwellmindset


This is perfect for when you want customized coaching focused on clarity, direction, and learning to scale your business without burnout. Plus join a powerhouse community, bi-weekly workshops, an off-site retreat, and the accountability to do so!



The Crush the Rush Club is a curated productivity-focused monthly membership that teaches you to dial in your focus in business and life and then holds you accountable to take action! Imagine your time management fairy god-mother coming in to wave her magic wand and show you a better way!



My courses all use the “Crush the Rush” method to teach you how to run a full-time business on a part-time schedule. You will leave with DFY templates, strategy toolkits, and time-saving and effective tips. Plus bonus built-in accountability!