CEO Week: FREE 5-Day Challenge

In this FREE 5-Day Challenge I am going to teach you how to create a weekly schedule that allows you to run your business in a way that supports your creativity and flexibility. Which basically means, more clients, more impact, more income and less work. Sounds amazing right?









Are you tired of feeling guilty for working 24/7 and not seeing the growth you want? 

What if you knew how to structure your week in a way that allowed you to grow and scale your business, attract the right clients and still have time to spend on yourself?

Picture this:

  • You start your week stress free with your "CEO" day all mapped out
  • You don't wake up anxious and stressed about fitting in all the things
  • You have time to create content that aligns with your long-term vision attracting the right clients without spending hours scrolling.
  • You know what systems to create behind the scenes to support your biz
  • You had an income strategy to support your goals and time to review your finances to help you make the right decisions
  • You know how to build a community and it is actually fun. As in you enjoyed your business plan.
  • You had the right productivity routines in place so you actually could take a break and focus on all your VIPs (very important priorities), not just your business. 



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In this challenge, I share the exact schedule, strategic tactics, and even time management tips I used to scale (and launch) a 6-figure business in 12 months during a pandemic while working full-time and even taking time off without burnout.(i.e. we are still scaling!)

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Hi. I'm Holly.

I help female entrepreneurs take back control of their time with proven productivity techniques, systems, and structure to create a business strategy that scales long term.

An industry expert, host of the Crush the Rush Podcast, and featured Thrive and Entrepreneur author with a 20-year consulting background I run my strategic coaching business and the Crush the Rush planner company while raising my twin daughters with my husband in addition to working for a non-profit in Columbus, Ohio.

In the last 12 months, I have launched and scaled a brand new 6-figure business while working full time and raising our family (we have 7-year old twins). Oh, and there was a worldwide pandemic too. 

 I share that because I want to make an impact. To show that you can build a business. The right way. And to share that it's possible without burnout.

I pivoted big time. Built an entirely new product suite and completely stepped out of my comfort zone. On a schedule that worked for our family.  I take weekends off, don't work most weeknights and more importantly, have been able to build a business on a schedule that is sustainable for the long term. 

Want to know how? Jump in the challenge. It is me and you for 5 days giving your business plan and schedule a makeover. 


  • You are looking to find more time to grow and scale your business and just don't know where to find it

  • Struggle majorly with accountability and overwhelmed with how to organize your priorities 

  • Have tried all the tools and tend to have courses and planners that collect dust on your desk

  • Are not consistent because you tend to go all-in and work hard, only to burnout (and repeat)

  • Are unsure how to grow and scale. You spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram for answers from every business coach you can find

  • Wish you had more clients, they were easier to find and you knew what to share/post every day
  • Are ready to implement a memorable and repeatable system for your social media strategy, systems, funnels, growing your client list, and more!









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Monday: CEO DAY - Get your Biz Organized

Tuesday: CONTENT DAY - Make your Message Clear + Copy Repurposing Plan

Wednesday: COMMUNITY DAY - Press + Community Visibility 

Thursday: BIZ SYSTEMS DAY - Finance, Email Marketing + More

Friday: CLIENT CARE DAY - Check-in, Follow-up!

Don't miss out on the PDF bonus (i.e. all the notes taken for you).

You will be walking away with an action plan to grow and scale without giving away all your time. Time freedom is possible.

Will there ever be enough time? No. Instead, what if you re-framed everything and focused on the fact that there is the perfect amount of time. And everything that needs getting accomplished will. ❤️

This is how. Don't miss out on this opportunity.