How to Run your Social Media with a Day Job

We are going behind the scenes even more into how to run your social media on a very part-time schedule with some tips that you might not have heard before. 

Before you dig into what to share, there are a few things I recommend focusing on first. 

  1. Who are you serving? I could talk strategy talk all day (and I do) but the words that resonate the most with you (and my audience) is real-life mom language. Words like overwhelm, working full time, managing schedules, anxiety. So take a minute to REALLY think about who you are serving and HOW you are solving their problems. You want to map this out. 

    "I help (insert XYZ) by...." and then insert the pain point you are solving.

  2. Next, think about where they are hanging out. When you have limited time, I recommend starting with ONE platform first. Once you get that schedule down you can add more. (this post chats about a multi-platform strategy, but I recommend starting with one first).  Is your ideal client on social media? Maybe they read blogs? Or are big Pinterest users. What time are they on Instagram? These are all great questions to ask.

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  3. Once you have your base (i.e. ideal client and what they need and where they are), you want to come up with your content plan. I cover this in more detail here, but in order to know what to post, you have to go back to #1. What problems are you trying to solve? Each week I pick one theme to keep it simple. Within this theme, I create 2-3 posts to share on social. I create different posts depending on what is performing well. So as an example, right now Reels are really helping with exposure. So I might create one reel, one teaching post (where it is a carousel with multiple pictures or slides) and then one inspirational post (like a quote or a story). This way I am sharing my theme - 3 times, with 3 different approaches.  

Social media can be managed on a very part-time schedule if you take time to think through it and honestly, don’t let it consume you. It isn’t your entire life or business. Make a plan, set a timer, be consistent and you will see results. I go for 4 days a week, 30 minutes a day with a well-written content plan and strategy. 

Do you have questions about social media? Hit me up in the DMs. I am happy to share more about what is working and what is not. 


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