4 Steps to Content Creation

I get it. Everyone says create more content. Content creation is the secret (ps. I say this too), but you are probably asking "HOLLY, how do I do this?"

I have a couple of tips.  We have had some amazing content guests and experts on our podcast so far. So if you haven't yet, check these out! 

  • Episode 095 talks about content creation framework (as in if you are writing a post, this is what should be in it). 
  • Episode 40 chats about how to use metrics to make sure you are sharing the right content
  • Episode 37 discusses how to create your overall social media strategy
  • Episode 27 talks about Instagram social media strategy overall and what to focus on in just 30 minutes a day

BUT, I want to answer the question I always get. How do you plan your content? This is what I do. And I do it every WEEK. Usually between Sunday night and Monday morning. 

STEP 1: I print out my planner. Yep, I actually created it for me! Because I couldn’t find one that combined all the things I wanted to track. The first thing I do once I have it printed is go through and check my progress. This is the metric section or the scorecard. 

  • The metric tracker asks questions like # of accounts reached, content interactions, current following, # of collaborations, hashtags that worked, most engaging stories, content, etc. Instagram does a great job of summarizing this now but I like to write it down and compare it from week to week. 

STEP 2: Ask yourself. How did you do? Are people looking at your content? Are they engaging? Did you collaborate with anyone? How can you improve? 

STEP 3: Plan your week. This is when I pull out my monthly or quarterly calendar and look at what I have planned. Am I promoting a new event? Is it a client nurture week (i.e. providing extra value), etc? This is where you want to figure out what your content goal is for the week. I pick ONE theme that I want to follow.  

STEP 4: Map out your content. I typically choose 2-3 posts, I video or reel (whatever the hot thing is!) and actually write out what I want to cover. Why am I creating this post? What is the value? And then I outline my headline, story, closing, etc. I then re-purpose some of these messages in my stories. I write down what I want to share on what day and make sure at least one day I do a mini-training in stories to provide extra value. (This is where the planner comes in as it is all mapped out for you!) 

If you take the time ahead of time to set yourself up for success, content can truly become the pillar of building your business and not be a source of stress!

PLUS, in case you haven’t grabbed it, I just re-released my social media content planner for $12 (i.e. it is half of what it used to be and still jam-packed with my planner PDF AND the 3 quick videos on how to use it).

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