How to triple your Engagement using a Multi-Platform Strategy

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Can you guess what the MOST asked question I get is? 

How do you get more engagement? (But what they really mean is how do get people to actually see and hear your content). Have you caught yourself asking that? I actually ask myself that quite often as I continue to tweak my content strategy. 

The 2nd most asked question I get is how are you in ALL the places. Because yes, I still work full time. 

My first tip is unless you feel like you have extra time, don’t focus on more than one platform. I will confess as I am writing this, I am not on Clubhouse (it's new), I don't have an IG guide, and I still have done less than 10 reels. It’s not that I don’t think they are helpful, I just don’t have time. So they go on my list and I prioritize them with everything else. 

To figure out where to focus, think about and ask where do you get the most engagement? It doesn’t have to be Instagram. It might surprise you to know that at the end of 2020, my top 2 were the podcast (based on feedback I receive) and Pinterest! Which honestly fits my brand more than Instagram because I don’t want to be on social all day. 

Back to picking one, I picked Instagram to start (which I do recommend) and went all in. It is easy to create content consistently and form a community. I have done a few podcasts on this and have a course (which is less than $30 now!) that walks through all of this, BUT there are a few things I have done consistently for a year that has really helped my engagement. 

  1. Connect 30-minute M-TH. I use Friday as a catch-up day. And when I say connect, I mean, ask questions. Pretend you are at a coffee shop and getting to know someone. 

  2. Create content with meaning. Even if that is only 1-2 posts a week. I try to circle between teaching posts, motivational and transformation (as in I did this and this happened, so can you). Then I try to make them real. 

  3. 24-hour message rule. Unless I am on my weekend social detox (at least 24 hours a week with no social) I respond to every. single. message. within 24 hours. (I do this for email too). You can’t out comment me :) 

  4. Show up in stories consistently. I create agendas for stories each week and cycle my content through it. My readers know I am organized and plan so that is what I share. (p.s. If you are a totally wing it kind of gal, this might not be the right approach for you, and that's ok!) Within that agenda, I share content (podcast, blog posts) AND teach something at least once a week. Usually on Wednesdays. 

That is all on Instagram. When I added in my podcast, I started re-using the content. If I write an episode about multi-platform strategy (like this one), I will take it and make it a blog post, then make it a “teaching” post on Instagram (like one of the swipe posts). 

So I started simple. With a strategy and a plan. 

Got crazy consistent. 

And then and only then added in Platform #2. Which is the podcast. 

A podcast is A LOT. It is hands down my favorite way to share but takes time. Once I had the content down for the podcast, I started sharing it back on Instagram. 

And then, and only then, I added Platform #3. Which is Pinterest. I did this after I launched my website because it has a significant amount of blog posts on it. 

So if you think of the cycle, it might go something like this. 

Create podcast.

Take a podcast episode and turn it into a blog + Instagram post

Share “swipe” Instagram post on Feed

Share “blog post summary” on IG stories

Share blog post + podcast graphics on Pinterest

They all came from one source. And I created a system (within Trello) to do this quickly. So when I take a “break” from the gram, I have a TON of content available and published. I can take a break without my business stopping. I did this all myself until December of 2020. (So almost an entire year). I now have an amazing community manager that helps me with this. (p.s. If you listened to last week’s episode I chatted about how I invested to grow). My content is the fuel of the brand. It is my VIP / Income-producing activity. And that is what I niched down on to grow. 

The final piece of my content strategy is my FB community. Everything gets shared back there. I take it next level once a month and teach a live workshop based on feedback and engagement on the different platforms. (Again, all mapped out in my Trello marketing board). 

Trust me when I say it took a while to get to this. As in almost an entire year of strategically planning. And learning. And watching. And most importantly figuring out where my ideal client hangs, which right now is this podcast and Pinterest! But Instagram is still where I get the most LIVE engagement. 

If this was helpful or you have questions about how I scaled and my content strategy, my entire niche process is in my content course. AND I am always in the FB community answering questions. Was this info helpful to you?

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Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

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