How to Manage Your Holiday Stress and Expectations

How to Manage Your Holiday Stress and Expectations

In my mind, the first week of November is officially the holiday season. Are you doing a little happy dance? Or are you just like, OMG, I am over this.  

Fun fact: I was actually named after the Holly Bush. My mom owned a flower shop growing up as a kid. So after school during the holiday seasons, I would go to the shop and make bows and wreaths and wrap poinsettias. I loved every minute of it. Something about being 10 and being behind a cash register and getting to be creative might have been the introduction to entrepreneurship I needed! Plus everything is better with flowers, right? 

Long story short: I love holidays. And as I have gotten older I feel like they have just gotten better. I was the college kid with 3 trees in her dorm room and now have themed rooms during the holidays across our home. I have no shame in celebrating. 

Don't Let the Competition be the Focus.

I am telling you this because I feel like during this season there is this constant pressure to be like Karen. Or the neighbor. Or that business coach that you just can’t get enough of. And while I love a good healthy dose of competition, I truly believe that this time of year is when you need to dig deep and really think about what matters most to you when managing stress. 


If you don’t enjoy decorating don’t do it. 

If you don’t want to participate in Black Friday sales as a business owner you don’t have to.  

On the other hand, if you have this amazing idea and you know it is the right time, stay in your lane and do it! 

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If you love Christmas trees like I do and are obsessed with them matching every room, put them up! (Flocked trees are my new obsession btw).  

This time of year more than ever is when you have to put blinders on and ignore the traffic.

When you stay in your lane, there is no traffic.

You are just driving to that goal at your own speed.

My point is for you to choose your lane this season. And stay in it. When you are focused on why (insert goal of the season) is important, it doesn’t matter what Karen or Sally is doing. This is crucial for how to manage your holiday stress and expectations. 

An incredible 88% of respondents believe the holidays are the most stressful time of the year. Moreover, for many, excessive feelings of stress start as early as November (84%), and a majority of that group say their stress usually peaks in late November.  

Don’t let the “stress” of the season actually being here control the outcome. You are in control of the next step and that is what matters. 

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