The Single Greatest Force That Almost Guarantees Success

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Holly Haynes business strategist sharing the single greatest force that almost always guarantees success

Let's dig into mindset. Why? Every time I dig into it, it almost always guarantees success. Always.


How mindset has led to success

Here are a few examples from my own experience of how mindset has led to success.
I am not far along enough to leave my corporate job. 3 weeks later I quit.
I don't have enough followers to launch a mastermind. I filled our first mastermind (10 spots) with less than 500 people on my email list.
I don't have enough downloads to attract big guests on my podcast. We've had Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Anthony Trucks, Heidi Powell, Tanya Dalton, and some more awesome names in the works. It had nothing to do with the downloads. It came down to the relationships and my mindset around having the confidence to ask.

The First Step in Building a Business That Puts Life First

Why am I sharing this? Recently I have been chatting about building a life-priorities-based business. It's the unofficial term I coined about what I teach and how I built ours because we put life first. The first step in that process? Trusting that putting your personal needs, wants, schedule, *insert that awesome thing you want to do*, will actually lead to 6-figure success.
But back to the message and why mindset is such a powerful force. I have had a couple of mindset mentors along the way, one of the being Brad Bizjack who has actually been on the podcast several times. We met in a mastermind we were in together and he has graciously taught in our community a few times. There are three key themes he has shared with me.

3 Key Themes to Mindset

#1) Don't use personal development as a crutch. Which I call shiny object syndrome and has been a hot topic in our community this month. Let me give you an example. Do you always read the same type of business books? At the beginning of my business, I was always reading about productivity. Why? As a productivity coach, it was easier for me (but I didn't realize I was doing it for this reason).
I would pick up the book and read it before work and be like yep. I am doing that. I'm good! It was like I was crossing it off the list instead of digging into something new.

Are you constantly re-learning the same themes? Or picking up the same resources because it is easier than learning something new?

I have also seen shiny object syndrome appear (i.e. using personal development as a crutch) when things get tough in life or business. Hear me out. Maybe you are in the middle of a launch or you are at the beginning of your business and things just feel hard. Instead of doing the work to get past the hard, you find shiny objections. If I just buy this one more course it will be the answer. If I just *insert activity of choice that is not what you should be doing first*, then it will be easier.
If you find yourself leaning into learning all the time (which is an awesome trait) I would ask yourself, are you taking the daily actions that ensure you are creating more than you are consuming? I cover this in more detail in a Q&A chat with Brad more detail on how this tiny mindset shift, can make a huge difference when it comes to taking aligned action.

Mindset Tip That Saved Me #2

#2) Have a GPS of where I want to go. And it has to be more powerful than I want to make 6-figures. It has to get you out of bed in the morning. Push you through the times when you feel like no one is listening. Catapault you through when clients miss payments, people quit, and business gets hard. Because the more success you have, the more challenges you will encounter. My husband has a quote his dad gave him in our office in front of his desk and it says "do nothing, say nothing, be nothing". When you use your voice, people will notice. When you share your dream, people will notice. The trick, your GPS and where you want to go, is up to you. Not their opinions.
Your GPS is yours. And you need to know where it is going. Even as a business strategist 6-figure goals are not motivating to me. What is?
  • Traveling the world every quarter (which as a family of four in this economy is no small feat)
  • Making purchases and easy yes's. (I have shared a little bit about this behind the scenes on my stories, but what if what you wanted was just an easy yes? For me, it's not a number, but what makes life an easy yes).
  • My newest GPS tracker is actually for you. Because if your vision only includes yourself, it is too small. I have this picture on my vision board of a private plane with my best clients, flying to Palm Springs (not sure why I picked that because I have never been there, but it felt magical) building a powerhouse community that is going to change the world. Because we already are. And I know the power behind this network we have created. I see it coming to life. And this gets me up in the morning and keeps me going.
So what is your GPS? And is it powerful enough on your hardest days? Brad talks about this in a 2-part series here and here. Having a powerful personal GPS will change the game for you.
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Mindset Tip #3

And finally, #3 is from my own personal work and that is the belief and acceptance that I will receive everything I need to be successful. Your worth is not tied to the numbers in your business or having 7 streams of income. Your worth is not tied to how your launch goes. Your worth is tied to your beliefs and your actions. The results will come and will be exactly as they should be.

You have the ability to manifest your dreams into reality.

So, how did my enneagram 3 list-loving self get to the point of trusting the universe? Mindset work. Everyday. Every single day for almost three years. It looks different each day, but every day, I am taking at least 10-15 minutes to listen to myself. My feelings, my anxiety, my fears. And depending on the day, I honor them. I dig into learning how to cope with them (which for me is not a productivity book), I journal why I am feeling a certain way, and finally, I align my actions accordingly.
The sole reason I created this blog post is that if you want a life-priorities-focused business, you have to do the mindset work. It is part of the equation you cannot skip. That whole slowing down mentality.

This is it. Honor your mind and the power behind it.

#1 Dig into what you need in personal development not what you already know to check it off the list.
#2 Have a GPS and a direction that is strong. Stronger than just a number.
#3 Create time every day to honor yourself. Be aware of your feelings and identity. And show up to honor that. Ask yourself. What is that thing you need to shift? What do you need to do to feel more aligned?
While I have spent more time than I ever thought possible on mindset these last few years, I would encourage you to go back and check out my conversations with Brad. You can also check out his Success Accelerator 5-day challenge. I have taken it every year for the past three years. It's worth it.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite mantras: It gets to be easy.

Magic happens when you least expect it. Building a business and creating a lifestyle of freedom is an honor. A benefit. Something you should feel joy and gratitude around. It doesn't have to be hard. There is a better way.
I hope these tools help you to think about business differently.
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Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

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