5 Ways to Create Your Own Momentum

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female entrepreneurs learning 5 ways to create your own momentum

In this week’s blog post, I am breaking down 5 ways you can create your own momentum. Because let’s face it, there are days when you don’t feel motivated which is totally normal. And days when it kind of feels like you are slogging along by yourself wondering if anyone is even paying attention. 


When I first started this business, I knew I needed a way to get me excited on the days when it felt like I was walking through mud. I have talked all about my CEO Week schedule (over 500 of you joined the challenge - oh my goodness) but baked inside of CEO Week we talk about how to create momentum over time so the highs and lows of entrepreneurship don’t seem so extreme. And how you can see progress over time. 


5 Pillars of Consistency

Inside the CEO Week and the Crush the Rush method we talk about 5 pillars of consistency while creating a business strategy. 


  • Focus
  • Consistency
  • Schedule
  • Progress
  • Celebration (aka weekly wins)

 Let's dive into what each of these means and how you can use them to your benefit!

The first pillar is FOCUS. 

You can be the most organized person on the planet but if you don’t focus during the time you have to work, nothing will get done. OR, you will be working on the wrong things. 


Our brand new Crush the Rush Club Membership contains an assessment that you can do monthly to help you “Find your Focus” as I call it. 


The assessment is organized by pillars of business. Think about all the things you need to do, email lists, social media, community support, networking, motivation, and even mindset. How do you know what to focus on first? Is it better to write that post or spend 20 minutes meditating? The answer depends on your business. 


We created this assessment inside the community for you to take once a month that helps you find your focus. One month you might need a ton of support so meditating and personal development might be the answer. The next month you might be gearing up for a launch so growing your email list might be the focus. My point is that every month or even every week there may be a different FOCUS and that is OK. 


We created this tool so you can find your focus and know exactly what you need for your business. Think of it almost as a prescription for your next steps. 


Even if you don’t have access to the Find your Focus tool (grab your membership here) I would encourage you to slow down and think about what your monthly goals are. 


The 2nd step in creating momentum is consistency.

One of my favorite mentors is Jim Fortin. He says "Anytime you say I don't have enough time or I don't have enough money, you are working from circumstance not commitment."

Everyone is committed to something, it is just a matter of what you are committed to.

If it doesn't get done, it wasn't truly a priority.

If you are consistent around a task that is important and a priority you will see results.



One of my favorite things about the community that we created inside our membership is we help you become consistent. We have 2 X a month co-working hours where we actually work through your business with you. 


Consistency is easier when you have a community or support system around you.


The third tool in creating your own momentum is schedule. 

Have you ever thought of these things? 

  • I don’t have enough time to be successful in my business
  • I am overwhelmed by my to-do list
  • I wasn’t prepared for all the roles I play as a business owner
  • Social media is where all my time goes and I am not seeing results


Once you find your focus and take control of your schedule, these beliefs disappear. 


To take control of your schedule, you can think about these things: 

  1. What is your goal this month? 
  2. Do you have hours set aside to work on it? 
  3. Who can you ask for help to support you? 
  4. How can you take control of your schedule now to make it happen? 


Create your dream schedule now

The #1 tip I can give around scheduling is to act as if it has already happened. There is nothing stopping you from designing your dream schedule now. Even when I was in corporate, I would try to schedule my week around my dream schedule which is working 3 days a week. I would move meetings if I could. I would take afternoons off if I could. I moved podcast interviews to once a month and client calls to one day a week. I Created a retirement plan (made it come to life in 4 weeks instead of 20 weeks). 


You can control your schedule. You are in charge. Don't let someone else take that away from you. Even if it is one hour a day. That one hour is going to turn into two and then three and then the time freedom you are craving will be there.


 Do you love these tips? Take the Productivity Personality Quiz to get a Netflix-style binge-worthy resource list to help you find your focus and is customized to you! Take the quiz here. 

It was the little things that would make me realize it was possible. I would even sometimes take a day off and create my “dream day” which would be working on my business in the morning and then doing something with my family in the afternoon. Little changes and shifts every day can help you realize you can lead the life you want to live. 


The 4th tool to create momentum is progress. 

I’m obsessed with the quote by Tony Robbins right now that is happiness = progress. I write these blog posts on Fridays in real-time (like sometimes the night before) and I love this quote so much it has been in like five posts AND we put it in the new spring planner!


If you don’t see progress, you will NOT be happy. Just let that sit for a minute. Getting to the finish line is exciting and of course, we all want that but when you look back isn’t it the journey that eventually brings you joy? Because if you didn’t have the journey the finish line wouldn’t be that great. 


How do you show progress? You have to reflect on what you do each day and week. (P.s. we incorporated this into the planner to make this easy for you). 

You can start by asking easy questions:

  1. How did today go? 
  2. What did I learn today? 
  3. What is something that can make tomorrow better? 

When you see progress you will experience joy. When you combine that with focus, consistency, and a schedule that doesn’t stress you out, can you see how momentum is created? 


The last step in creating your own momentum is celebrating.

We call them WOWs or Wins of the week. I am a huge believer in celebrating every small milestone. We incorporated that into the planner as well. 

Ask yourself: 

  1. What went well this week? 
  2. What do I need to improve on? 
  3. How can I make next week great? 


These tools are not fancy but simple. Track your progress. Celebrate your wins. A recent example in the Haynes household is we have spent a TON of time re-vamping the Crush the Rush Club membership, moving our planner website to Shopify, and a whole slew of things behind the scenes that make my head spin to make this all come to life this week. A project we have been working on since October!


My husband pulled me aside and was like, "how are we going to celebrate?" In my head I thought he had the date wrong because we are launching the membership club today (not a few weeks ago) and I was like, uh it’s not time yet. His response: "Celebrate the work you did. Knowing you gave 110%. The outcome is the celebration." He was right. So we treated ourselves to a Chris Stapleton concert in a few weeks. Mom and dad get to rock out because we followed through with what we set out to do. 


Tie your celebration to the work you do. The outcome will follow. 


I hope these tips help you when you feel like you are out on an island trying to do business by yourself. 

  1. You don’t have to do it alone. 
  2. These are 5 easy steps you can take to create your own momentum. Find your focus (we can help you do that inside our community). Create consistency in your routine with the right priorities. Own your schedule. Your time is yours. Track your progress. And celebrate your work. The outcome will come regardless.


And if you would like some extra support with this and layer in the business strategy and accountability we talk about every week, I’d love to invite you into our newly re-vamped Crush the Rush Club Membership. You can take a tour (and check out our brand new Find Your Focus tool and co-working space) for yourself. 


You have two choices ahead of you:

- Keep on the same path and experience the same results.

- Leave your comfort zone, and learn, grow, and succeed.


Investing in myself and striving to become the person of my dreams led me to a life of freedom. I found my FIRE by finding a community and a purpose and way to create my own momentum.

I want YOU to do the same.

Seize the moment and join a group of high-achievers and dreamers who are through with going through the motions with you. Master your mindset. Take control of your schedule. Claim your success story.


Do business differently.


If you like this blog post, you will love the community. I hope to see you inside.


Looking for more on this topic and your High-Level Action items? Check out the Strategy Lab in the Crush the Rush Club!


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Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

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