Do you feel like you are missing out on significant revenue because you can't get a handle on the day-to-day schedule?

Go from stressed and disorganized to streamlined and structured giving you back time to focus on what you are REALLY good at.



Introducing strategic consulting for 6 and 7-figure business owners. 

Do you ever just want to wipe the slate clean and start over behind the scenes of your business because it is such a mess? 

 We navigate the complexities of bringing your big picture vision to life as a seasoned expert dedicated to making your growth goals a reality, and a partner that is well versed in best in class, strategic growth, prioritization, and planning techniques.

By focusing on a strategic growth plan and efficient processes to implement it most companies can increase total revenue by 20% in one year.

It is finally time to focus on building out your roadmaps and systems to maximize your time (without losing revenue) and allow you to continue to focus on what you are best at.

How to know Strategic Consulting Support is for you?

  • Are you losing revenue and potential growth opportunities because you are buried in the day-to-day tasks of running your business?
  • Are you lost in the weeds and want more time, creativity, and space to do what you love and are passionate about?
  • Do you have all the ideas/vision but struggle with figuring out how to take action? Or what the next step is?
  • Does the thought of creating a 5-year business plan make your head spin?
  • It would be helpful to have someone working along side you executing, organizing and holding you accountable to your long-term vision
  • You need support getting organized, improving internal processes and prioritze projects
  • Metrics and measurement are an afterthought
  • You value downtime, whitespace and life outside your business (but it is hard to find time to do anything else)

Growing businesses deal with a daily barrage of tasks, big and small. Without a system for prioritization and productivity, it's easy for important ones to fall through the cracks. That's why we developed customizable strategic support to streamline your business processes and activities freeing up your time to allow you to focus on your priorities. 


What does a Strategic Partner do?

A Chief Strategy Partner, or Chief Strategist, is responsible for working closely with you as the CEO of your business and vision to improve current business operations and revise them to achieve your company’s long-term goals. Instead of getting through next week, we are focused on the big picture. And actionable steps to get there.

Strategic support includings working side by side with you, your team and other executives, coming up with creative business ideas, and most importantly reviewing strategies, systems, tools, and data to monitor progress across your business initiatives.

Typical support is a 3-6 month engagement to map out your strategy and bring it to life with the appropriate systems and structure for you to own and run long-term. 


+ Creating a roadmap to support not just your business but lifestyle
+ Analyzing current processes and systems to identify efficiencies and create time
+ Finding and analyzing important projects, ventures, potential targets, and other partnership opportunities based on your vision
+Ensure any applicable metrics and performance pointers are in place in order to measure all progress
+ Identify strategic risks and help to reduce these risks
+ Putting together custom roadmaps and actionable plans to know exactly what to focus on next

Think of me as your "organizer extraordinaire" making your vision come to life with best-in-class process management.



While I worked with Holly, she helped me in so many ways, but one of the most transformative is that she helped me shift my mindset to think bigger, but then also gave me the tools - like with building a roadmap, niching down, messaging my offer - to help me get there. It's one thing for someone to help you flesh out what you're thinking. It's another for someone to coach you through this with specific ideas and strategies to help you get there. This really is Holly's secret talent. You present her with a seed and you walk out having planted a whole garden. 


Market Research

Let’s face it; you're busy.

You’re constantly taking on multiple tasks or projects at a time, leading your stress levels to skyrocket and spreading your time even thinner. By forcing yourself into this corner, you’re having to make even more costly decisions. Hiring new people? Training them? Fixing technical issues. Or even worse doing things manually over and over again.

+ Up to 20%-30% of revenue is lost every year due to product and process inefficiencies

+ 37% of companies have "change" projects underway but never complete them 

Only 11% of businesses said they never documented processes, but only 23% reported frequently doing so. 

 + Overall business process analysis can improve your customer retention by 42%.

 + 65% of companies that dial in their process and systems see a significant improvement in response time, agility, and efficiency increasing impact and revenue.

+ 48% of the business owners they polled were experiencing burnout, 32% acknowledged depression, and 56% said they were suffering from decision fatigue


Hi! I'm Holly!

Hi. I'm Holly.

Your strategy expert.

I help entrepreneurs take back control of their time with proven productivity techniques, systems, and structure to create a strategy that scales long term. An industry expert, host of the Crush the Rush Podcast and featured Thrive and Entrepreneur author with a 20-year consulting background I run my strategic coaching business and the Crush the Rush planner company while raising my twin daughters with my husband in Columbus, Ohio.

More importantly I have a 20+ year business consulting background, a masters in business strategy, am formally trained in PMP (project management professional) and Prosci (change management) methodologies which are industry-proven tools and techniques. I have worked with Fortune 500 companies across the country all while scaling my own business.

My mission is to use my experience to provide you with the tools, systems, and support you need to make a bigger impact.


Experience Matters.

I am a results-oriented strategic delivery leader and productivity guru experienced in implementing large-scale business transformation and strategic initiatives. 

For over 22 years, I have been working with Fortune 500 companies creating long-term strategies, systems, leading complex multi-million dollar project teams, and implementing management techniques to help businesses and teams grow, scale, and most importantly be able to focus on what they are known for. 

In addition to a master's in business strategy, I am formally trained in PMP (project management professional) and Prosci (change management) methodologies which are industry-proven tools and techniques as well as use DMAIC and six sigma problem-solving techniques with industry experience specializing in project management, large software roadmap implementations, strategic business analysis, and team leadership and employee development. 

The Process.

The strategic planning process starts with a comprehensive and strategic analysis of your current state and projects. This analysis may look at products and services, customer preferences and aligning it with your long term vision.

Once the analysis is complete we work to identify the gaps and prioritize the next steps and action items.

The plan implementation will involve identifying a designated team responsible for implementing the plan. There may also be a need to hire outside consultants or an organization specializing in plan implementation. This is when it’s time to train the team that will be working on implementing the plan.

We also play an essential role when it comes to implementing the identified strategies. We help focus the organizational culture that’s necessary for a business to implement strategies effectively. They also build relationships among the different parts of the organization. This allows the company to coordinate efforts across the different parts of the operation successfully.

Bringing you Vision to Life.

We work on a monthly retainer basis to customize a support plan right for your business.


"Mission defines strategy and strategy defines structure. "

Peter F. Drucker