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Planning your Quarter


Planning your Month


Planning your Week


Planning your Day


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Join the Crush the Rush Productivity Club for built-in accountability with using your planner every day.

Are you a side-hustler, busy mom, or a woman who wants more?  Do you struggle with consistency? Wish you had more time? Or had a hot second for yourself? Have a side business but have trouble wondering what the heck to focus on?

When you enroll in the Crush the Rush Club, you get instant access to a Netflix-style portal teaching you to how to apply the Crush the Rush method using your planner each month so you can see progress on your goals and take control of your schedule and your time. 

Plus you get access to 2 LIVE planning and Q&A workshops with yours truly every month. 
I walk you through how to plan your quarter, month, week, and even your daily schedule using my 3-tier CAKE method. Making it easy to stay on track and actually see results. 

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