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Holly Haynes and her family
In the last blog post of the Strategy and Soul series, I wanted to share some examples behind the scenes of how masculine and feminine energy have come into play in my business. I have said this before in this series, but as an enneagram 3, list and strategy-loving manifesting generator, and business strategist, trusting the universe and the feminine side of strategy really don't make sense to me. I can't process it, but what I can process are areas where it has worked. And for me, that is enough to believe in it.

A Vulnerable Story About My Dad

I actually debated telling this personal story, but I think it is important to share why I have to believe that the universe, or God, or whatever you believe in, is there to support you. When I was 21 and a sophomore in college, my father was diagnosed with skin cancer. My parents were divorced and he lived in Orlando Florida. I had gone down to visit for a fun long weekend. When one of your parents lives in a sunny place and you are from Ohio, it felt sort of magical to visit.
Until it didn't.
They found skin cancer cells during a routine checkup on his arm which long story short spread to his lymph nodes. The weekend quickly turned into a week of being back and forth in the hospital. 20+ years ago, the facts about skin cancer were not as widely known, and neither were the treatments. I remember sitting at dinner with my step-mom across from the hospital and thinking, this is really bad. And how do you process that at 21?
Four years later my dad passed away. The cancer spread to his brain and eventually took over. I spent the majority of my college years communing back and forth to Orlando as much as I could trying to figure out what the next steps were. At the end, my sister and I got a call from hospice (the week of Christmas 19 years ago) that the end was near. We drove to Florida fingers crossed we would make it, not knowing when we would be returning. There is a lot to this story, but at 24, sitting 16 hours in a car knowing that you were going to say goodbye to your father is something I would never wish on anyone.

Can I Really Trust the Universe?

At this point in my life, I was really doubting all things good and wondering how I could trust anything universal. On the drive down to Florida - somewhere in West Virginia is a snowstorm. I become really sick. I chalked it off to stress, but 12 hours later I found myself in a hospital room across from my dad's with Kidney stones. My sister was going back and forth between rooms and I was on a morphine drip. Like what the heck, right?
I kept thinking, this is not real. But it was. I was able to say goodbye to my dad after 48 hours in the hospital and the next day he passed away. My sister and I then drove 16 hours back home. On Christmas Day.
I share this (and I have NEVER said this out loud before) because I kept thinking, why is this happening to me? 20 years and a lot of therapy later, I don't know why. But I do know that I am one of the strongest most resilient people you will ever meet and the reason I work SO hard for things is that I am reminded every day that life is too short.


There have been a lot of mini-miracles that have happened since and I know that is because my dad is watching over me.

  • I met Scott 3 months before my dad passed away. Scott grew up in the same hometown I did but was older so we never hung out. He knew my dad. And so did his family.
  • It was hard for us to get pregnant at first. And then magically twins appeared. They don't run in our family, it was just a miracle.
  • From a business standpoint, I have taken a lot of risks. But the biggest risk was actually setting a date for me to step away from my corporate job. (I did a whole post on this.) I gave myself four months to "quietly quit" as they call it and it happened in three weeks.
I share these examples because what you say and what you believe matters. If you don't believe you can have a successful business, you won't. The energy and alignment around your actions matter.

What are the words you are telling yourself? Are you using that as your superpower to grow and scale?

From a feminine strategy perspective, this is what I try to focus on. The energy I attract. The words I am telling myself. Trust that the right things at the right time will happen. And that everything I need to be successful will come to me at the right time. And I believe in it because even though my dad isn't here today, I am the person I am because of the experiences I went through with his sickness at such a young age.
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From a masculine strategy perspective and as a business coach for female entrepreneurs, I believe that you can design your dream schedule now. And that will fuel your business's next steps. Because creating the capacity to do what you love generates more of that.

These are tangible steps you can take:

  • Schedule a coffee date with yourself to brainstorm your next big business move.
  • Don't take meetings one day a week.
  • Block out Friday mornings to go to breakfast with yourself.
  • Schedule journaling time every day.
And the big bonus: outsource like a boss.
Every great leader has a great team. Build yours.

Be so intentional, that your schedule will turn into what you dreamed of.

I hope you enjoyed this 5 part series. We chatted a lot about strategy and business productivity tips, but I also tried to pull back the covers on how I trust that the actions I have in place will work out. If this story (insert me being so nervous for this to go live) resonated with you and you enjoyed the more personal and feminine side of business. I'd love to hear your feedback.
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Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

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