What are you saying YES to?

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Holly Haynes teaching how to yes to the right things to take you to the next level

I shared this quote a few weeks ago and it still has stuck with me. I was up early riding my Peloton to Robin Arzon. I honestly choose her for her motivational pep talks just as much as I do the actual ride.


During her ride, she said, "it’s either an F-yes or a no." Your decisions for the rest of the day will be easy. 


I then got off the bike and flipped on a Tony Robbins podcast. I mean talk about a motivating morning, right? He was talking about his power years (which p.s. Are between 42 and 60), and said, "your best self might be just around the corner. Don’t quit before the miracle."


At this point, I am bouncing into the bathroom to get my kids ready for school feeling all fired up and thinking…this is it.


You have to truly think about what are you a yes for. 


You can’t be a yes to everything. Otherwise, you will have no energy for what matters. 


Tony went on to say, "Success is not happiness. Seeing progress is happiness. And saying yes to what matters is where you will see progress."



Here’s an example of how saying F-yes can take you to the next level:


I was sitting on the plane on Tuesday morning last week about to way overpay for wi-fi and thought, I never want to forget what happened this week. I would not have believed you. As I sit down to write this, I do not believe it. And then I do. Because I know I took the right steps to get here. And you can too.


I said F-yes to what I knew in my gut was the right thing to do. Even if it was easier to say no. 


I share this because I literally shed tears of joy as I entered my credit card number on my business card to pay for internet access. I mean $40 is absurd for 3 hours, but I kept thinking. It is no big deal.


I was SO scared to rip the band-aid off of leaving my corporate job, but when I did the space of being able to be creative served even better than I expected.


How saying yes to the right things has paid off


January was an $18K month. As in actual dollars received sitting in my bank account. It is double what I made at my corporate job. We technically did not have a launch going on which means the model is evergreen (i.e. runs itself for the most part). People think evergreen is zero work, which is not true, but it pays off. 


We also paid cash for a 20 person retreat in a 5-figure per night Airbnb. If you don’t think the universe works in mysterious ways for what you should be saying F-yes to, my flight from Ohio to Arizona to get to this Airbnb was the last flight out of Ohio for the next two days. Was it luck that I was on it? 

I don’t believe it was. I said f-yes to what I knew was important. Leaders anticipate and I did just that. 


Additionally, in January I paid myself my corporate salary and I paid my husband to work with me.


My husband and I stayed in a fancy resort. I almost spit out my skinny margarita when they told me it was $20 at the pool bar.


We celebrated the 18th anniversary of our engagement with a $200 dinner and didn't blink. Ok, well I blinked because I just could not believe it.


On our last night, I walked into the Apple store and paid cash for a new iPhone 13. This wasn't planned. 

Just like that.


I do not share this because of the money or the expenses. I share this because of the pivot that was made. You know what to say F-yes to. 


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A year ago, I was working 60+ hours debating if this mastermind concept would even take off. The planner had not even launched and I barely had a website. I have been in situations where I questioned every business expense down to the penny.


You might be asking...


Can I really invest? But what if I don't make money? Should I hire someone to help me?


I know these questions all too well.


I knew mindset, accountability, and consistency worked, but wow. It's like I had to prove it to myself that it did and I feel like January did just that.


So now above my computer, I have happiness = progress. You visually need to feel and experience progress to be happy and content. No amount of success will get you there. 


I look at it everyday and remind myself that every decision is either an F-yes or a no. 


Take a 30 min walk? F-yes.

Write motivating content? F-yes. 

Slow down to plan out what our next 5 years look like as a family? F-yes.

Being a servant leader and doing everything I can to make my clients succeed? F-Yes.

Take a break from social? F-Yes. 


Scrolling IG? No.

Worrying about if anyone is going to purchase something? No.

Spending hours trying to curate the perfect post? No.


See the difference? This week. What are you an f-yes for? Nothing else matters. And I promise. You will see progress.


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Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

Holly Marie Haynes is a business strategy coach, podcaster, mom of twins, and founder of the Crush the Rush brand. She helps women create simple scaleable offers and systems to grow to multiple 6-figures.

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