The 3 Most Important Tools to Get Organized

We're going behind the scenes a bit to chat about my three most important organizational tools, specifically when it comes to combining work and business.

You DO NOT get an extra 24 hours a day to build your business or work your day job, so why create different systems for each? The reason I am able to be so efficient is that I mix all of my goals together. Some days my goal is literally to show up as a mom, be present and get to girl scouts on time. Other days it's presenting to my CEO during my day job, and then some days it's knocking out content for this business. It just depends. But they are all prioritized together so that I am able to focus and not be overbooked. 

With that said, there are 3 main organizational tools I use. (p.s. I incorporated all these into the new Crush the Rush Quarterly planner because I am such a BIG believer in them and use them every single day.)

  1. Create a monthly and quarterly and even a yearly view that shows the BIG picture. It really helps to remember what to focus on when you are in the daily grind of the week and truly focus on what you want to accomplish.  Instead of arbitrary assigning goals each day or week, this allows you to work backward. Think of that big dream and then map it out. You can then use these steps to incorporate them into your daily routine. 

  2. Find a space for time blocking.  I recommend that you use a mix of Google calendar for meetings and dates (so it is electronic and can be shared) and a paper planner so you can take notes (which is proven to help you be more efficient).

    I like to take the big “rocks” as I call them for the week, which are meetings and client calls, and map them out at the specific time they go. Then I layer in my routines such as workouts, journaling, and breaks. Plus 9-5 meetings, family time, etc. Every hour is accounted for from 5 am - 7 pm. Then I schedule downtime. I like using the mix of Google calendar because it uses my business systems I have set up like Calendly, client calls, etc but also allows me to customize my day. And make sure I have time to work on my priorities. This can be a creative process. You can combine the tools that work for you. 

  3. Create space for focus and reflection. This “tool” can be anything from an app to a blank planner page. I like to use the Think Up in combination with a journal.  You want to start your day every day knowing the big picture, and your time blocked schedule (which I do the night before). 

Taking the time to plan all aspects of your day may seem overwhelming at first, but it actually will save you time in the long run. Change feels awkward at first, but amazing at the end. You can do it. 

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