How to Plan for Your Most Successful Year Yet

The purpose of this blog post is a little exercise to remind you to slow down this season. And to reflect on this year and start planning for next year. 


So often most wait until January 1st to plan, but I am encouraging you to start dreaming now. You don’t need to know HOW to do all the things, you just need to start thinking about it. 


I honestly don’t really believe in New Year resolutions but I do really believe in monthly and quarterly planning. Think of each month and quarter as a fresh start but think of December as your yearly reflection month. Easy peasy right? Let's dive in. 

How to Plan for Your Most Successful Year Yet

 According to Forbes magazine, ​​in 1979 Harvard did a study on goal-setting. Surveying the graduating MBA students, the researchers determined that 84% had not set goals, 13% had set goals but with no action plans and 3% had set both goals and action plans. Ten years later, the researchers discovered that the 13% who had set goals were making twice as much as the 84% who hadn't, and the 3% with both goals and plans were making 10 times more than those who hadn't set goals.

Rather than taking 30 seconds to declare your resolution to commit to joining the gym, meditating, no sweets, etc., I'm inviting you to spend just a few minutes clarifying what is most important to you, then putting an actionable plan behind it with accountability structures.

Rather than having one resolution with an 80% failure rate, you'll have goals with an 80% success rate.

Sounds worth it right?

Ask yourself these questions to plan for your most successful year:

  1. Where are you now? Do a brain dump of where you are now and what you have accomplished.

  2. Where do you feel stressed? What are areas that you are not giving enough focus, or areas that you do not enjoy?

  3. What does your dream business look like that stands the test of time? 

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Are you listening to your calling? How can you make this come to life?

Small tangible actions that will create that dream schedule are what is going to drive you to take that next step. 

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I can't wait to hear your goals and your intentions for the new year. 

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