How I built multiple coaching income streams on a part-time schedule

The question everyone wants to ask but no one does. 🙋‍♀️ Yes, I run a successful networking marketing business AND a productivity coaching business. Together. And here is why. And my tips on how to create multiple streams of income.

1) My wellness coaching was my first passion. And allowed me to wake-up with a purpose and drive when my kids were babies. It is also a passive stream of income that I can use to build my dream job! Find a side business you are passionate about. As in something you wake-up everyday and are excited to share! I used my wellness coaching to build my first passive income stream which allowed me to build my 2nd (and still does!)

2) My wellness coaching had a very low cost to entry to it was easy to get started. And honestly focusing on my health will also be my #1 priority as a mom and business owner. I learned how to have a presence online from some of the best mentors and didn’t have to worry about inventory, overhead and all the biz systems.

My first business is in network marketing and has allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the business systems I use today in my productivity coaching business. It has also allowed me to connect with some amazing mentors which has lead my business to where it is today.

3) Once I got my feet wet, I learned to automate. Which freed up time for me and got my wheels spinning. What else can I do to help others? That’s when everyone started asking. How do you fit it all in, so I created a business around it! So I can share more! You have to figure out more ways to save time. Use a calendar system for clients to find time with you. Re-use your content so you aren’t writing it everyday. And yes, there are lots of apps for this too!

4) You can take all the course and trainings you want, but the truth is when you hire a coach you will dig deeper than ever before. For me, this is when the vision of using my passive wellness income to create another stream of income came to life! The first several years I worked by myself taking courses, watching videos, etc. but the year I found a mentor / coach my wellness business doubled and I was able to walk through the vision of starting my 2nd source of income.

5) Goals will always be important in any category of life, but being able to use the income from my wellness coaching to build a team, create a podcast, hire a VA has been pretty amazing! I have specific goals mapped out for each business. Each week I have 1-2 goals for each business model that keeps it growing and moving forward. Keep it simple.

Don’t discount your starting point. It might look different than you endpoint, but you can leverage it to build that dream job!

p.s. Want to learn what I do and how I do it? Check out how I built my passive income and how you can too here!


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