How to Create Your Customer Journey

This is a question I get a lot.

"Holly, I have this IDEA and I don’t know what to do with it."

My advice? Well, it's always to follow the Crush the Rush method. The first step is to think about the end game. And create your vision and mission (this is in episode 028!) But after you do that, Instead of just creating a random course, take the time to map out your customer journey. So you can scale and your client can continue to grow with you.

Here’s how you do that. 

Let’s pretend you are ready to create your offer with this great idea you have.  It isn't as easy as "oh let's create a course". I really want you to dig deep into what your customer journey is so that if you do create a course or launch a product (insert your thing), you have your customer journey mapped out. And they are customers for life

I work in Customer Experience strategy in my day job and this is something we talk about every day. Acquiring a customer, especially for high ticket items takes a long time, so you want to nurture them and have a system to keep them engaged and help them for the long haul. 

By the time you have gotten to this step, you should have completed your research and defined your niche, and think about your promise. What is the ultimate solution you are wanting to deliver? What is the end result?

Now it is time to map out your customer journey. And because you have done your homework, it is going to be much easier. And the best part? When you sit down to map out your first offer you are going to have the research to back it up. When it comes to finding the right offer, there are different “funnels” you can take your customer through to build the know, like, and trust factor. Take some time to answer each of these questions to come up with your own customer journey.

  1. How are you adding value consistently for free? Podcast, social media, blog, content, video, etc? How are you going to offer your ideal client a “quick win”?

  2. After the quick win, what is the nurture to the next step? Is it email, FB community? What follow-up strategy exits? 

  3. What is your next step solution? This is usually a lower ticket, high-value solution such as a masterclass, virtual event, membership site, etc. 

  4. The next step solution leads to the high-value solution (p.s. If you are just getting started I recommend starting with a freebie, quick win, and then developing your high value/high-ticket offer first). A lot of times you can strip out pieces and parts of this to make up the other parts of the journey.  High-value solutions include paid coaching, courses, masterminds, etc.

  5. Last but not least. How are you continuing to drive traffic to different parts of your funnel and support it? 

I can’t wait to hear what your customer journey looks like. Make sure to jump into the Crush the Rush FB community and share yours! 

Looking for more?! Check out the Strategy Lab in the Crush the Rush Club!


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