Business Foundations Masterclass Series (Podcourse)

The foundational lessons of the Crush the Rush Method will help you grow and scale your business on a schedule that works for you delivered to you in one private podcast feed.

These are our most popular business foundation courses across all our programs now in one private audible program for you. 

What you'll get:

  • Creating your Signature Method Masterclass
    Learn how to niche down and create offers that align with what you love to do. Includes our Signature Method Content Planner.

  • Content Planning and Repurposing Masterclass
    This is my exact repurposing plan which has allowed us to repurpose 1 piece of content in up to 10 different ways.

  • Pitching Yourself and Your Business Masterclass
    Learn what to say, how to say it, and how to pitch yourself to podcasts, summits, and other networks to help you scale. Includes a pitching template and 22 ways to become organically visible. 

  • Simple Scaleable Launches Masterclass
    Stop the stressful launch cycle once and for all with my simple launch strategy. Includes my launch formula and sample swipe files.

  • Fill your Funnel Masterclass
    Learn how to grow your email list with ease, attracting the right clients and selling when you need to. This also includes example email swipe files.

  • CEO Week Masterclass
    Our famous CEO Week schedule shows you how to execute all of this in just 1-2 hours a week. We also included our DFY planning Trello board.

  • How to Plan Your Year
    In our annual planning workshop, I teach you how to set up your year for success. Taking your vision and bridging the gap on how to get there.

Please note these were taught live and re-mastered but we have added all the materials reviewed including a few bonuses!

These are the exact foundational steps and tools I walk my clients through to create a thriving business that allows you to focus on your priorities and what you do best!

$747.00 USD

Please note there are no refunds on audible courses. As you get immediate access to all the files and documents. 


We know audible training is WAYYYY easier to fit into your schedule (insert you can listen anywhere), but we want to make sure you actually implement what you learn!

Add on a month of the Crush the Rush Club Membership and receive access to our entire vault of training and monthly Q&A, office hours, and coaching with me! (i.e. the accountability piece!) 

You can cancel the membership anytime and we will even remind you to make sure you are using it!